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EazyMedical is a complete solution

EazyMedical helps you with the whole research paper process: research, writing, and editing. Explore each tool to see how it helps you craft a perfect research paper.

Research Tools


Join the EazyMedical research community with the EazyDatabase subscription addon. Share and access research from anywhere in the world. Search by author, title, keyword, or containing paper for any reference that has ever been entered. Find your source in one click. Create a perfectly formatted citation with a second click. Save tons of research hours!

More powerful everyday
Everytime someone adds a reference to their EazyDatabase, you can find that reference by author, title, or keyword. Your research will benefit thousands, and thousands will benefit you.

Private and secure
Personally identifiable information is not shared with other people, like personal research notes or references to emails.

Globally accessible
Access the EazyMedical research community database from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. EazyMedical automatically synchronizes your database with your online and backed-up EazyDatabase.

Works offline too
Once you have saved a citation, it is on your hard drive and in your document. You can access and search your entire EazyDatabase without an Internet connection. Your database will be synchronized the next time you connect to the Internet.

Name: Jasmine
School: Hillside College of the Arts
Major: History

Challenge: Being a history major means that Jasmine does a LOT of research for the many papers she writes. Unfortunately, she's still saving up for her own laptop. In the mean time, she switches between her dorm-mate's computer and the college's computer lab to write her papers. Jasmine often has to redo her research to document her references correctly, as her reference database always seem to be on the other computer. Jasmine is getting increasingly frustrated with redoing research as her schedule gets fuller as the year goes by.

Solution: With EazyDatabase, Jasmine can access her past work on whichever computer she is using. Now she doesn't have to redo anything. EazyDatabase provides Jasmine with access to other history majors' research, thus saving her time to work towards that laptop.

Search Scopus, Science Direct, and PubMed for millions of abstracts and full-text journal articles.

Scopus is the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.

ScienceDirect provides free abstracts and full-text articles for scientific, technical, and health publications.

PubMed comprises more than 26 million citations for nursing, biomedical, and behavioral science journal articles.

Unparalleled research speed
Find journal articles for your paper in ten minutes, really!
1. Search for a topic to get way too many results
2. Hover over those search results to read their abstracts
3. Click 'Similar articles' of a promising abstract to refine your search
4. Repeat steps 1-3 to build your reference library

Go wide, and deep
Each search result comes with an abstract, and if available, the full text of the article. Most articles are peer-reviewed, and many are free, including your university's journal subscriptions.

Referencing is a breeze
Click once to add a search result to your database, click twice to insert a perfectly formatted reference to your paper.

Name: Dr. Cameron
Organization: Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention (CDC)
Research interest: World-wide flu trends

Challenge: Dr. Cameron is part of the CDC team that designs America's seasonal influenza vaccine. Their prediction of which influenza strains will be active in the upcoming flu season saves lives and millions of dollars, but only if they get it right. Thus, Dr. Cameron needs to sift through hundreds of surveillance, laboratory, and clinical studies from dozens of journals.

Solution: Dr. Cameron uses EazyJournal to search through Scopus, ScienceDirect, and PubMed journals. It takes only a minute to find thousands of peer-reviewed influenza articles, scan through their abstracts until she finds a promising article, and then narrow her search to similar articles.

A few clicks later, Dr. Cameron has downloaded a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles to her tablet for the train ride home. What used to take hours now takes minutes. With EazyJournal seamlessly integrated into EazyPaper Pro, Dr. Cameron spends more time researching instead of searching, which helps her publish more papers than ever this year.

Visit libraries from around the world in seconds with the EazyLibrary addon. Search by author, title, topic or ISBN. Find your source in one click. Create a perfectly formatted citation with a second click. Save tons of research hours!

Search the entire catalog of dozens of world libraries in seconds by author, title, subject, or ISBN.

Easy to use
With EazyLibrary you will be up and running in seconds. Other programs may require you to take a course, that‘s how complex they can be. EazyDatabase is easy to learn.

There is no cutting and pasting citations or uploading and and downloading files. With EazyLibrary your citations are instantly on your hard drive.

Saves frustration
Eliminate the frustration of forgetting the details of a citation or losing notes, cards, or files. With EazyLibrary you eliminate the frustration. You only need to remember the author, or title and EazyLibrary can rebuild your citation in seconds.

Name: Brad
School: University of Southern California
Major: Pre Med

Challenge: Brad is always on the go. Brad's dreams of being a physician and he knows the competition is fierce. He also knows that his grades will be critical so he works hard. Brad loves to research when writing his APA, MLA, and Turabian term papers, but finds that there isn't enough time to make it to the library as much as he'd like. His schedule is pretty full and he's not sure what to do.

Solution: Brad's dorm room is a fifteen minute walk to the library. 30 minute research sessions are impossible for his schedule. If he could find a way to access databases from around the world without having to leave his dorm room he could save a few hours every week. A friend told Brad about EazyLibary. Now Brad is able to do research in as little as five minutes. In fact, in his last "five-minute-research-session," Brad made a visit to the Library of Congress, and the libraries of Yale, Oxford, and Shanghai, and still had time for a cup of coffee. Better yet, Brad has learned that he can also search these libraries by topic, or author, or title. EazyLibrary brings back every book, article, journal written by and about his author. Brad has decided to use EazyLibrary as his database, saving all his research by topic. Brad's professors comment regularly on the quality of his research.


Writing Tools


EazyMedical formats your entire AMA 11th edition, APA 6th edition, MLA 7th edition, or Turabian 8th edition/Chicago paper perfectly. It inserts your citations, references, footnotes, table of contents, etc. in the right place, and in the right format.

Saves aggravation
Don't be fooled by other products that may force you to create your citations with schemes such as cut and paste or filling in a series of pop-up windows that can be annoying and time consuming. With EazyMedical you complete the fields in one window and you are done!

Saves time and money
With EazyMedical, you not only create citations quicker, you can reuse them over and over again. You can even change a captured citation from one format (e.g. APA) to another format (e.g. MLA) in one click. This all adds up to huge time savings. On average, focus groups have shown EazyMedical saves 10 hours per paper. If you write 10 papers this school year that's more than 100 hours of time savings. What would you do with 100 hours? More time to study, play, work. EazyMedical saves you time and money.

Saves grades
EazyMedical will provide you with perfectly formatted papers. EazyMedical generates title page, table of contents, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, web citations, journal entries, multiple authors, and much more. You'll never lose unnecessary grades for a poorly formatted paper. And, of course, better grades, can lead to better jobs and a better future. EazyMedical is a small investment in your future that can provide a big return.

Name: Isabel
School: Dalhousie University
Major: Med school

Challenge: As a Med student, Isabel has a LOT of memorization for the couses she takes. Unfortunately, she has a lot of papers to write also. She is always having to choose between memorizing arcane formatting rules or memorizing things that will save lives. Since Isabel is on a full scholarship, it is vital that she keeps her grades consistently high, and not let the drudgery of formatting get in the way of learning.

Solution: EazyMedical's features have saved Isabel many hours of formatting and researching for her papers. With this extra time to devote to the necessary memorization, and EazyMedical's perfect formatting, Isabel's grades have improved, securing her scholarship and enhancing her learning.

Hover your mouse over any word to see its synonyms, antonyms, and dictionary definitions. Or if you've misspelled the word, see a list of spelling suggestions instead. Find that perfect word to express yourself with EazyXray.

Easy to use
See a list of synonyms, antonyms, and dictionary definitions in zero clicks: simply hover your mouse over any word in your document.

Works offline
The popup window displays instantaneously from a dictionary stored on your computer, there is no need to wait for definitions to download from the Internet.

More complete
Enjoy a much more comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms than the thesaurus included with Microsoft Word.

Choose a word from the thesaurus/dictionary popup to replace your selection in Word or Outlook. No need to start a separate program or keep one running the background.

Stays out of your way
The popup appears only when you want it to. And you can turn it off and on with a click of a toolbar button.

Name: Joanne
Profession: Fiction writer

Challenge: As a writer, Joanne is always looking for that perfect word. She has a dictionary and a thesaurus permanently by her laptop, but the time it takes to look up a word breaks up her train of thought. Besides, they're too heavy to carry around.

Solution: EazyXray allows Joanne to hover over any word in her document to see synonyms, dictionary definitions, and spelling suggestions screenshot. Joanne writes better prose, in less time, with no reference books to lug around.

Type significantly faster with the EazyTyper addon. EazyTyper completes words based on the words you have already typed in your document, enabling you to type faster with fewer spelling mistakes.

Easy to use
Just open an existing document and type! EazyTyper will suggest word completions based on the words you have already typed in your document.

No training phase
There's no need to train EazyTyper; it learns the completion words from your current document as soon as you open it.

Speeds up typing
Type the first few letters of a long word and then press enter to complete it.

Improves spelling
Completed words are spelled correctly.

Stays out of your way
You can 'type through' a word and ignore the completion suggestions.

Name: Alexia
School: Harvard University
Major: Medicine

Challenge: Alexia often has to repetitively write long, complex and difficult to remember medical terms in her research papers. This gets tiresome and slows down her typing dramatically, not to mention interrupts her thought flow.

Solution: EazyTyper allows Alexia to focus on her writing by suggesting word completions after she types the first three letters of a word. Since EazyTyper learns the words that are already in her document, Alexia quickly has all those long, complex words at her fingertips in a couple of keystrokes.


Editing Tools


EazyEditing is a paper submission service where you can get your paper edited or graded by a professor and his handpicked editing team.

Your edited papers are reviewed by a real professor. Professor Randy (Phd Educational Studies, UBC) teaches graduate level leadership courses at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

No other editing service will grade your paper. That's because they don't have real professors doing the editing!

Easy to use
It's EazyMedical, remember? Submit your paper right through EazyMedical, and it'll count the words and upload the paper for you.

No more dreary, nitpicking reading of your completed paper, or frantic searches for someone willing to proofread! Let EazyEditing do it for you!

Quick, but flexible
EazyEditing offers grading estimates and full editing in as little as 1 day. Or if you have the time, submit your paper for the 8-14 day turnaround at a reduced cost.

Name: Wing
School: Harvard Business School
Major: MBA

Challenge: Wing is a newly arrived International student from Hong Kong. He has many hopes and dreams riding on his studies, and his family is very proud to have Wing pursuing a Masters degree. Although his English was good enough to get him accepted, it's not yet good enough to excel at graduate level courses. He really needs an A to keep his scholarship and his family's honor. He has lots of great ideas and thoughts, but he struggles to express them clearly in English.

Solution: Professor Randy of EazyEditing can edit Wing's papers so that his insight and creativity can shine through the language barrier. Wing got the grade he deserved, kept his scholarship, and learned enough English to edit his own papers in the future.


A perfect paper