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Michael and I teamed up to bring you the Write your EazyPaper newsletter.

Write your EazyPaper newsletter

The Write your EazyPaper newsletter contains tips from Professor Randy Wollf on the paper writing process, and Michael Hu, President of EazyPaper, on core Microsoft Word concepts, and how you can make them work for you.

It's part of EazyPaper's commitment to save you time, grades and money, and is thus a free service for anyone who signs up.

Newsletter archive

2011 FallProfessor Randy's series
Paper writing tips
Michael's series
SeptemberPreparing to Write WellWriting in Style
OctoberWriting Your Paper WellTable of Contents
NovemberIntegrating SourcesCross-references
DecemberEditing Your Paper WellCreating New Styles
2012 SpringProfessor Randy's series
General Writing Tips
Michael's series
Page Layout
JanuaryUsing CommasIntroduction
FebruaryUsing the Active VoiceA Turabian Example
MarchAvoiding "He" or "She"Headers and Footers
AprilGender-neutral LanguagePage Numbers
2012 FallProfessor Randy's series
General Writing Tips
Michael's series
Specialized Layout
SeptemberGetting in the Right "Space"Specialized page layout
OctoberThe Purpose of Your PaperPage Orientation & Size
NovemberDevelop an OutlineAdding Columns
DecemberResearch StrategiesLine Numbers
2013 SpringProfessor Randy's series
General Writing Tips
Michael's series
Collaboration features
JanuaryWriting the IntroductionTrack Changes
FebruaryWriting the ConclusionAccepting Changes
MarchThe Body of Your PaperComparing Documents

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