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EazyMedical saves you time

How much time do you spend formatting your paper rather than writing it?

EazyMedical formats everything for you, from the title page to the bibliography.

EazyMedical is 100% compliant with

  • Turabian 9th edition / Chicago 17th edition
  • APA 7th edition
  • MLA 8th edition
  • AMA 11th edition

Do all your research in the browser

Import any book, periodical, or webpage into EazyMedical in a single click from your browser.

If you can find it on Amazon, EBSCO, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Scribd, or dozens of other sites, you can import it into EazyMedical with eazyimporter.

Find the best sources without even leaving your desk

Have you ever spent hours in the library finding the perfect quotation for your paper, only to forget to record its bibliographic information?

Don't go back to the library, find the book with EazyMedical’s eazylibrary addon. Search the Library of Congress and hundreds of other libraries for that perfect reference.

Or, search every reference that has ever been entered into EazyMedical with eazydatabase.

Speed up your typing and improve your accuracy

Have you ever wished you had cellphone-like word completion for Word?

Type the first few characters of a word, and EazyMedical’s eazytyper addon completes it for you when you press tab or enter.

Since eazytyper continually builds its database from the words you type, it is compatible with every language you can type in, including multiple ones in the same paper!

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EazyMedical saves you grades

Have you ever forgotten a comma in your reference list and gotten dinged for it?

EazyMedical will put them in the right place for you with proven 100% accuracy.

Enter your database references and reuse them in future papers. Or import them from any database file, including BibTeX, EndNote, and RefMan.

Find the perfect word

We're in the 21st century, but do you still have a dictionary and thesaurus by your desk?

EazyMedical’s eazyxray addon finds the perfect word in zero clicks. Hover over a word for an instant thesaurus and dictionary, or a citation to see it’s underlying reference.

Get the grade you deserve

How much better would your paper be if a real professor edited it?

EazyMedical has partnered with professor Randy Wollf to bring you eazyediting.

Get your paper graded or edited by a professor Randy or a handpicked member of his editing team.

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EazyMedical saves you money

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Time is money, but so are grades

If keeping that scholarship is important to you, then improving every one of your papers by a letter grade or more is certainly worth it. EazyMedical improves the research, writing, and formatting of your papers.

Improve your grades to improve your life

Try EazyMedical for yourself, risk free!

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EazyMedical has over 10 years of satisfied customers

I now recommend EazyPaper to my doctoral students as it seems to be the best, if not the easiest, citation and referencing program I have yet to encounter.
Dr. Richard A. NeSmith
Professor of Education
Jones International University
Hey, from someone who has typed over 500 papers, I want to say that I really appreciate this product. The $150 was a BARGAIN!!
Greg Bullard
Philosophy Student
EazyPaper is an inspired piece of work... I am even getting A’s partially due to excellent formatting!
Mark B.
Lacrosse University

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